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Renowned US cancer hospital and research center joins R & D consortium to improve radiotherapy treatment

By 29th March 2013No Comments

It has recently been announced that the renowned University of Texas
MD Anderson cancer center (Houston, Texas, USA) has agreed to join a
research consortium whose objective is to advance the development of an
innovative image-guided treatment technology for cancer care. MD
Anderson is the second university member of the research consortium,
which will ultimately comprise leading radiation oncology centers and
clinicians, and already includes the University Medical Center Utrecht
in The Netherlands. Industrial partners are the Swedish company Elekta
and the Dutch company Philips. The technology being developed merges
radiation therapy and magnetic resonance imaging technology in a single
system. The combination of state-of-the-art MRI with a cutting edge
radiation therapy system should provide physicians with exceptional
images of a patient’s soft tissues and tumor during radiation therapy.
This breakthrough innovation also aims to enable clinicians to adapt
treatment delivery in real time for the most precise cancer treatments
possible. “The special capabilities of the MRI-guided radiation therapy
system – MR-based soft tissue imaging performed simultaneously with
treatment delivery – could revolutionize cancer care,” says Jay Hoey…

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