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DI Europe editor-in-chief Mélisande Rouger interviewed Hubertus Pietsch, head of the MR and CT contrast media research department at Bayer, about the company’s newest products during RSNA2023, which unfolded last month in Chicago. 

The current trend in MRI innovation is to lower the necessary amount of gadolinium dose, he explained. ‘Our new kid on the block Gadoquatrane – in development – has the aim to reduce gadolinium dose by 60%. The phase III trial is currently ongoing in 70 countries with more than 800 patients, with two trials in adults and one in children.’   

As new photon counting CT scanners are being released, Bayer is looking to adapt its contrast media to the new equipment. 

‘We see a huge opportunity to combine AI technology with contrast media, for example to remove unnecessary dose further or to see more in the image,’ Pietsch added. ‘This combination could also help reduce scanning time for both the clinicians‘ and patients’ benefit.’