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Robert Lauritzen and Thomas Juhl Olesen, CEO and CCO of Cerebriu, respectively, presented their two AI products for brain MRI at RSNA2023, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) that took place November 26-29 in Chicago.

‘Smart Alert helps detect early on a critical pathology while the patient is in the scanner,’ Lauritzen said. ‘So we can alert the healthcare practitioners and make sure that patients don’t leave the clinic before someone has had that conversation with them.’ 

With Smart Protocol, Cerebriu is doing something quite innovative and even disruptive, he explained. ‘We are changing the workflow, the actual protocol on the fly based on those critical findings.’ 

Cerebriu is now integrating with different MRI scanner manufacturers to help them build the next generation clinically intelligent scanners, Olesen added. ’This means the scanner will be able to recognize critical findings in the patient within the first few minutes of the scan,’ he said. 

‘If you imagine the scanners of the future, they will get the imaging right the first time, with the shortest possible examination and, ultimately, move towards a five-minute MRI scan,’ Lauritzen concluded.