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Study shows safety of contrast agent injectors

By 23rd September 2013No Comments

A study entitled “Automatic MDCT injectors: hygiene and efficiency of disposable, prefilled, and multidosing roller pump systems in clinical routine” by Professor Boris Buerke of the Institute of Clinical radiology, Munster University Hospital, Munster Germany has been published. The objective of the study was the evaluation in routine clinical practice of the potential microbiological contamination, time efficiency and ease of handling of a double piston injector with disposable syringes (as well as with pre-filled syringes) in comparison to a roll pump injector for MSCT. In the study, safety was rigorously tested in numerous bacteriological challenges and virological assessments.

It was found that, compared to double piston injectors, the roll pump injectors were not only impressive from the point of view of hygiene but also were significantly more economically efficient. “The contrast agent injectors from ulrich medical meet the highest hygienic requirements in routine clinical practice, have no microbiological contamination and remain sterile,” said Professor Buerke, These contrast agent injectors are based on an innovative and patented roll pump technology with a two-part tubing system. This consists of pump tubing suitable for up to 24 hours of use as well as patient-specific tubing which is changed after each patient. The complete tubing system remains sterile if the patient tubing — only — is changed for each patient. In contrast to conventional piston syringe injectors, all ulrich medical CT/MRI contrast agent injectors have a predefined direction of media flow which reliably prevents any retrograde contamination by the system. Injection takes place directly from the media containers; there is no need to draw up pistons and/or use transfer sets, as is common in the case of conventional piston syringe injectors. The closed contrast agent reservoir thus helps minimize the risk of infection. The device design features a swivelling bottle guide and a drip cup holder which enable permit clean and drip-free work. Pressure sensors for media and air guarantee safe and reliable use.

With an estimated 170,000 infections and more than 5000 deaths annually, there is increasing focus on the general topic of hospital infection; radiology departments are no exception to the need for anti-infection measures. As a sustaining member of the German Society of Hospital Hygiene, the ulrich medical company supports efforts for the prevention of nosocomial diseases

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