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Beilinson Hospital, one of Israel’s largest medical centers, recently completed a pilot program utilizing iCAD’s AI technologies to review more than 15,000 mammography scans, the Clalit Health Services announced earlier this week.

‘‘The technology identifies previously undetected tumors, significantly enhances diagnostic capabilities and increases the chances for early detection of breast cancer in women forty and older,’’ wrote the group, which is the largest of Israel’s four state-mandated health service organizations. The technology also helps in the development of informed screening plans for those at risk of developing breast cancer.  

Clalit Health Services

Since the completion of the pilot earlier this year, the system has been deployed across the Clalit network including its mammography units at hospitals and clinics across the country. 

“Early detection and intervention remain the two most impactful treatments for breast cancer which is why we always encourage women, and anyone at risk of developing cancer to routinely ensure that they are being scanned through semi-annual mammography exams,” said Dr. Ahuva Grubstein, Head of Beilinson’s Mammography Department. “By utilizing better tools like artificial intelligence to aid radiologists in these scans, we are able to increase the reliability of the scans and the cases of early detection, thus saving lives.”

iCAD’s program is already approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition to its ability to benchmark a patient’s level of risk of developing a cancerous tumor in the next two years, the program’s ability to “see” through dense tissue increases the chances of early detection.

Since the pilot program began, the technology has been employed to aid radiologists in more than 15,000 scans at Beilinson. 

As one of Israel’s largest and most prominent medical centers, Beilinson leads the charge in implementing new innovative treatments while maintaining the highest standards of quality medical and nursing care. Since 1936, Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah has grown to serve more than 500,000 patients annually. The 1,300-bed hospital in Central Israel, staffed by a team of 4,500 medical and support professionals, has 37 operating rooms, performs over 70-percent of all organ transplants in Israel, and welcomes more than 9,000 babies into the world through its robust labor and delivery department.

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