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The role of CEUS in the diagnosis of gallbladder disease

By 25th October 2013No Comments

Conventional ultrasound (US) is the imaging modality of choice for the diagnosis of pathologies of the gallbladder. However, US has a significant limit in its ability to show the microcirculation of some biliary lesions which can lead to diagnostic failures. The use of contrast-enhanced US (CEUS) has the potential to overcome these limitations and allow a more confident diagnosis.

This review summarizes the methodology, image interpretation, enhancement pattern, clinical usefulness, and indications for CEUS in gallbladder lesions. 

CEUS may be indicated under the following circumstances: 1) For differentiatial diagnosis between a malign or benign tumor of the gallbladder. 2) to distinguish between motionless sludge and gallbladder carcinoma. 3) to assess the extension of gallbladder carcinoma in adjacent hepatic parenchyma. 4) in patients with impaired renal function. Read More


By Dr Zeno Spârchez & Dr Pompilia Radu