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The use of relative value units to monitor radiologists reporting productivity and workload

By 25th November 2016February 1st, 2019No Comments

By Dr JM Dora, Dr CS Faccin and Prof. S Fogliatto

The ever-increasing demand for imaging studies is a problem faced by all healthcare providers worldwide. Optimization of radiology productivity is therefore a
major priority, and should be approached by multi-targeted initiatives. Control and improvement of radiologists’ reporting times (RRTs) is key for increasing radiology productivity. 

However, as the complexity of imaging studies varies according to the radiologic modality used and the anatomical region studied, there is a need for
methods that normalize radiologist work according to these variables. In this paper we highlight the need for contextualized methods to monitor radiologists’ productivity and workload as a means for planning and managing a radiology area.

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