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Two new cardiac MRI analysis software modules

By 17th July 2013No Comments

Quantifying, qualifying, summarizing, and reporting cardiac functions observed during Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies are crucial components for devising effective cardiac therapy protocols. Evaluating the results of MR exams and including as much relevant information as possible in reports can also significantly impact workflow. A software program that enables analysis of key cardiac parameters from one station helps make reports to referring physicians more comprehensive and streamline workflow.

By enabling efficient analysis of key cardiac parameters CardiacVX from GE Healthcare does exactly this. The system enables MR images to be imported into the AW Workstation where a range of reproducible tools are available for reviewing and reporting. CardiacVX provides the capability to access multiple studies and multi-slice, multi-phase images, which can be displayed in cine mode to facilitate visualization. The program’s report input interface includes measurement tools that enable quick, reliable and complete clinical reports of an imaging exam.

CT Angiography has been widely used for assessing vascular stenosis or abnormalities, but increasingly, MR Angiography is being utilized due to the lack of radiation and calcium blooming artifacts. Being able to use similar analysis workflow between CT and MR can greatly improve the clinician’s diagnostic efficiency. MR VesselIQ Xpress, which is based on GE Healthcare’s CT VesselIQ Xpress platform, is an optimized image analysis package for MR angiographic data designed to efficiently analyze selected vessels for stenosis, directional tortuosity, and other vascular anomalies. The new system provides advanced tools such as automatic vessel tracking with centerline display of any vessel, quick 3D visualization, and fast access to vessel cross section and profile images.

In addition, MR VesselIQ Xpress automatically provides size, stenosis, and length measurements of abnormal anatomical structures with two deposited points. Measurement tables and associated images are captured and ready to be included in reports. The software package was designed to assist radiologists and other clinicians in the efficient evaluation and assessment of vascular anatomy and disease.

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