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Ultrafast 30 ultrasound system

The latest  example of disruptive technology from Supersonic Imagine, the new Aixplorer MACH 30 system incorporates a new generation of UltraFast  system which helps optimise all modes of imaging (Doppler UltraFast, Angio PL.U.S – Planewave UltraSensitive Imaging and TriVu) to provide better diagnostic performance while offering exceptional image quality on all conventional imaging modes thanks to preserved purity of the ultrasound signal.   A new generation of ShearWave elastography (SWE PLUS), even more powerful than previous  versions has also been introduced, making it possible to view and measure tissue stiffness in real time on a significantly improved colour map, notably in terms of acquisition speed, size of the elastography region of interest and examination depth.

It includes the SonicPad touchpad, an unprecedented enhancement in the world of ultrasound systems, designed to simplify user experience. The SonicPad improves the radiologist’s workflow by reducing by approxi,ately  77% the user’s movements, thus reducing the time per exam of more than 30%.

We are very excited to present Aixplorer MACH 30. An increasing number of our new ultrasound systems are being installed across Europe; we have begun to install them in radiology departments of university hospitals and private radiology clinics in Germany, Romania, Italy and of course France. Users underline the image quality and optimised diagnostic performance of the different modes, notably ShearWave PLUS, as well as the new ergonomics making the ultrasound system easier and quicker to use”, points out Michèle Lesieur, CEO of SuperSonic Imagine

Supersonic Imagine,

Aix en Provence  France