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At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Canon Medical Systems Europe unveiled a new ultrasound solution, the Aplio me. The system will be available and demonstrated at the Canon booth (#312, Expo 3). Designed to cover a wide range of examinations, the Aplio me stands out for its exceptional combination of image quality, ergonomic design and meeting today’s environmental challenges.

The highly compact and lightweight system caters to ultrasound professionals seeking high workflow efficiency and advanced routine solutions in clinics to large hospitals. Aplio me is a versatile platform that can easily adapt and grow with evolving clinical requirements. The system’s thoughtful design and customizable operation allow you to tailor it to your exact needs.

Furthermore, by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Aplio me optimizes workflow efficiency, exam consistency and ease of use by a host of options powered by Altivity*. By allowing physicians to focus on patient care rather than on system optimization, these technologies can help increase overall productivity. 

Finally, sustainability is at the core of Aplio me’s design, which aligns with Canon Medical’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives, particularly regarding reducing energy consumption. Therefore, Aplio me is an intelligent choice that combines performance and environmental responsibility. 

Key Highlights of Aplio me 

  • High Performance & compactness: outstanding image quality in a compact design. 
  • Versatile: ideal for various medical settings, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
  • Quiet: ensures a calm environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • AI Integration: enhances workflow efficiency, exam consistency and ease of use.
  • Wise investment: a sustainable and versatile choice for high-performance 

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