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MyLab A50 and MyLab A70 embody the concept of Agility and are engineered to perform seamlessly in diverse clinical settings. With compact footprint, battery-operated lightweight and mobile design they meet the demands of most healthcare professionals.

‚ÄúWith the A-series, Esaote has decided to¬†prioritize customer experience¬†by introducing a groundbreaking approach, like offering an¬†exclusive choice of interfaces – a conventional control panel and a fully touch-enabled.¬† Intuitive, user-friendly and easy to clean design allows clinician to effortlessly and efficiently operate and navigate functionalities‚Ä̬†says Florence Labb,¬†Customer Marketing Manager at Esaote.

The A-series is designed with the purpose of meeting diverse clinical needs, daily routine but also advanced assessments that have become new standards in ultrasound, such as a liver multiparametric analysis, featuring elastography and attenuation imaging, as well as a comprehensive strain package on ventricles and atrium for cardiology applications. 

The combination of AI-based features and advanced imaging technology empowers healthcare professionals to make confident, informed decisions, ensuring accurate diagnostic outcomes.

This launch of the new MyLab A-series merged with new Esaote’s brand identity marks a significant stride towards the sense of care and empathy with which Esaote approaches its everyday work, to improve people’s well-being.