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Visage Imaging receives award

By 28th February 2011No Comments

Based on its recent analysis of the medical imaging informatics
market, the leading market analysis company Frost & Sullivan has
recognised Visage Imaging with the 2010 North American Frost &
Sullivan Healthcare Innovation of the Year Award. Each year, Frost &
Sullivan presents this award to a company that has demonstrated
excellence in the following categories: breakthrough approach/degree of
differentiation innovation compared to other market participants;
product innovation in terms of unique or revolutionary technology;
penetration rate of new markets; significance of innovation in the
industry; leading proactive initiatives to improve value to customers;
advancement of the industry through research; implementation of a new or
unique pricing strategy; implementation of a new or unique marketing
strategy and creating new functionalities, such as online services, for
an established product.

As an advanced clinical 3D/4D visualisation technology provider with
distinguished excellence in thin client delivery and server side
rendering performance, Visage Imaging has created a new market niche
with Visage 7, an archive-neutral diagnostic and clinical viewing
application, providing comprehensive imaging workflow spanning all
modalities and subspecialties. With the ability to overlay and augment
existing legacy PACS applications, integrate with Electonic Medical
Record (EMR) solutions for improved care delivery, or provide the next
generation of 3DPACS, Visage Imaging is poised to leverage its unique
technology in a market starved for innovation.

Recent primary research conducted by Frost & Sullivan with
medical imaging IT stakeholders in the U.S. has confirmed the utmost
importance for advanced visualisation and traditional 2D PACS on a
unified “universal” viewer and the ability to diffuse its capabilities
enterprise wide through direct or EMR integrated means. Visage Imaging
stands out in an otherwise unfulfilling industry landscape and delivers
efficiently on both of these aspects.