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The Belgian MedTech company XEOS has raised 4 million EUR in funding after launching the first PET-CT specimen imager for the operating room (OR) last year, the company announced earlier this month. 

XEOS has completed the capital increase from a combination of existing and new investors, and will use these funds to accelerate market expansion in the EU, UK, US and Switzerland, the company said in a communiqué.

The announcement came 18 months after XEOS received CE-marking for the AURA 10, an imaging device that offers surgeons and imaging specialists the sensitivity of PET imaging at submillimeter spatial resolution at the point of surgery.

The mobile scanner ensures that high-quality specimen images are captured right there in the OR, a mere 10 minutes after excision, effectively eliminating the need for specimen transport to the radiology or pathology departments during surgery. 

‘The OR faces enormous challenges in terms of patient volume and complexity and the AURA 10 aims to alleviate these pressures by assisting surgeons in acquiring images and analyzing them immediately in the right way,’ the company wrote. ‘This advancement promises to transform the landscape of intraoperative diagnostics, offering real-time insights that can make all the difference in patient care.’

After receiving CE-marking and entering the UK in 2022, the AURA 10 received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2023. XEOS is now working with hospitals to introduce the AURA 10 into their workflows, with the aim of improving patient care, clinical confidence and surgical efficiency. Market entry into Switzerland is expected by the end of 2023.

“We are proud of the progress that XEOS has made since it was founded in 2019, especially considering the enthusiasm for the AURA 10 not only from surgeons but also nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, oncologists and pathologists,” Vincent Keereman, CMO and founder of XEOS, said. ‘’The field clearly recognizes that it tackles important unmet needs. We are grateful for the continued strong support of our partners. Our entire team is excited about  the opportunity to build one of the most innovative companies medical imaging has ever known.”