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Guido Mathews, Head of the Center of Excellence for Imaging Data and AI Research at Bayer, told Mélisande Rouger about his company’s new Medical Imaging Core Lab Services.

‘It’s something you need to use in the clinical trial development world in healthcare R&D,’ he said. ‘Since we are very uniquely positioned within Bayer, being a pharmaceuticals company with a radiology business, we bring things together, and with that, we try to accelerate time to patient for the overall healthcare industry.’

There is an increased need for imaging in the clinical trial world, as well as digital solutions, he added.

‘Any new AI product that is going into the radiology space needs to run a clinical validation,’ he said. ‘Having processes that are scalable, standardized, that are accurate, and ensuring good quality, this what we bring out now with our experience and we would like to collaborate.’