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Francesca Pelliconi, Education Lead in Global Marketing at Bracco, spoke with Guido Gebhardt about her vision of education at ECR2024 last February in Vienna.

‘Bracco believes education is a fundamental piece to spread innovation and ultimately look into patient caring,’ she said.

Besides working with scientific societies, the Italian company looks into different communication channels and recently launched the Bracco Global Academy, a digital platform that highlights contrast imaging, with the contribution of leading experts, summary of review papers, and books that support radiologist’s daily practice.

Looking into the future, and linking with ECR2024’s overarching theme of Next Generation Radiology, Bracco is following the future generation of radiologists, she explained.

‘The world has changed and we are learning to live our lives in different ways and have different expectations,’ she said. ‘The profession will be closer to clinicians than pure imaging readers and (young radiologists) be more rounded in what they do, bringing a lot of value on how the patient will be treated.’