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Fujifilm Healthcare has extended its FDR D-EVO DR panel range of digital radiography (DR) solutions with the introduction of the FDR D-EVO III G80i DR panel.

The recently introduced 80cm panel provides high quality, long-view DR images without stitching lines, offering a cost-effective upgrade to enhance the capabilities of existing Cassette DR systems. Its highly portable, wireless design will be a gamechanger in both surgery and emergency care settings, as it can easily be moved and positioned anywhere in the room.

There is a yearly increase in the number of whole spine X-ray examinations performed around the world, as imaging is often required before, during and after spinal surgeries. The FDR D-EVO III G80i DR panel is perfect for this type of application, as its lightweight, 80 cm flat panel allows it to capture the entire spine – or long bone – in a single image, avoiding artefacts from stitching several images together. This leads to shorter image acquisition times and reduced X-ray exposure for patients, which significantly improves the overall standard of patient care.

Richard Cahalane, European Product Manager Digital Modalities at Fujifilm Healthcare, commented: “X-ray imaging is a vital technology, and it has to evolve to become more accessible in different healthcare settings. The FDR D-EVO III G80i’s DR panel lightweight design, portability, and use of advanced image processing, such as Fujifilm’s Virtual Grid technology, makes it ideal for surgery and emergency care. I am excited to see this new product assisting medical professionals all over the globe, helping to streamline workflows and contributing to improved patient experiences.”