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Following years of close collaboration, Philips will strengthen its partnership with the ESR at the European Congress of Radiology 2023, where it will take over an entire Congress floor. Level 2, to be named Philips@TheBlue Level at the 2023 meeting, will host the company alongside many of its most innovative products, services and partnerships.

With this commitment, Philips will hold the largest exhibition area at the Congress, which attracts hundreds of companies each year. As a Platinum Supporting Member, the company has made moves to strengthen its cooperation with the ESR and expand its role in the ECR, where it will not only host an exhibition space, but will also organise hands-on tutorials on various clinical applications in MR, CT and DXR, host a Philips Ultrasound Academy – featuring a learning program led by well-known experts in the field demonstrating  the latest ultrasound applications – product demonstrations, client meetings, thought leadership discussions and media engagement. Philips will also dedicate an area of the Blue Level to the See beyond gallery, recognizing radiologists and members of the care team – the life changers who go unseen – and showcasing how Philips’ innovation improves the lives of the people behind the image. See beyond is a call to action, urging the industry to work together toward a vision of leveraging technology to improve lives and provide better patient care.

As well as being the location of the Austria Center’s largest space, Room A, Philips@TheBlue Level will also host some of ECR’s most interactive sessions, the Open Forums, making it a buzzing destination for Congress participants. The inclusion of close industry partners such as Philips in the main congress centre helps to offer a more diverse and multidisciplinary array of options for attendees within the hub of the Austria Center.

“We’re delighted to work with Philips in delivering a unique and large space at ECR 2023”, stated ESR President Prof. Adrian Brady. “ECR is all about innovations and interactions. Philips has seized the opportunity to offer a great deal of both next year with an area that fits its needs as an impactful company in the medical imaging sphere.”

At ECR 2023, Philips will showcase its new smart diagnostic systems and informatics solutions designed for providers to efficiently deliver patient-centric, high-quality imaging services to help improve clinical outcomes.  Philips’ latest innovations feature vendor-neutral solutions to help reduce clinical complexity and enhance operational efficiency to address workforce shortages and staff burnout and enable a clear care pathway for every patient. Underpinning the company’s innovations is Philips’ commitment to deliver solutions that support a sustainable, resilient diagnostic infrastructure to help hospitals receive ongoing value from their investments.

Sustainability will continue to play a central role in Philips’ presence at ECR again this year, with an entire section of the company’s exhibition space dedicated to sharing information and encouraging visitors to connect with each other around their respective initiatives to drive sustainable radiology. This space will serve as a resource center and forum for ongoing dialogue and networking with peers in this critical area to encourage progress toward decarbonizing healthcare.

“We’re very excited to be back at ECR this year, demonstrating how we build smart intelligence into imaging systems and informatics to obtain the best imaging data and optimize the radiology workflow,” said Alexandra Goncalves, MD, Chief Medical Officer in Precision Diagnosis at Philips. “Visitors to Philips at the Blue Level at ECR 2023 will see how our AI-enabled technology automates and accelerates routine and repetitive tasks to generate patient-centric insights from large volumes of data to help improve productivity and clinical outcomes. Featured solutions will include Philips Imaging Orchestrator – ROCC (Radiology Operations Command Center) and Philips Ultrasound Collaboration Live, both pioneering the virtualization of radiology, extending care and collaboration beyond traditional models. We will also spotlight the latest in AI-enabled image interpretation to help prioritize patient worklists based on clinical outcomes and expand diagnostic capabilities with our new Philips Advanced Visualization Workspace, featuring automated reporting to help drive earlier and more definitive diagnosis. ECR attendees will also experience the latest innovations from Philips in Ultrasound, CT, DXR and more , designed to offer the best image quality and increase speed and productivity to drive diagnostic confidence and advance precision in diagnosis and treatment.”

Join Philips in person at the Blue Level at ECR, or virtually via the Philips interactive online radiology experience and follow @PhilipsLiveFrom for #ECR2023 updates throughout the event. To secure attendance at ECR 2023, register here.