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Mélisande Rouger and Guido Gebhardt wrapping up ECR 2023.

ECR 2023 saw a return to normalcy, with the highest level of activity since before the Covid-19 outbreak four years ago, as shown by the increased participation and the myriad of new technological advances displayed in the technical exhibition. 

‘We don’t have the official numbers yet, but I’m guessing there were around 15,000 delegates onsite and at least 50 new products launched,’ Guido Gebhardt, DI Europe publisher, said on the fourth day of the conference, which ended last Sunday in Vienna.

Sustainability was the main theme of ECR this year, with companies communicating on their CO2 emissions and strategies to help hospitals deal with energy prices inflation triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Many AI-powered ultrasound systems were launched during the meeting, for example Mindray’s Resona R9 Platinum edition ultrasound system, which can help perform liver imaging, among other tasks. 

New clinical trials using CT and AI to boost screening for coronary artery disease and thoracic artery disease were also presented. 

‘AI was present everywhere from the technical floor to scientific sessions, with sessions dealing on every aspect of the technology, from ethical considerations to groundbreaking research,’ Gebhardt concluded.