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Excellence in MRI Acquisition

Cerebriu, a Danish radiology AI company, envisions a future with autonomous scanners as their AI software automates brain MRI workflows…
Guido Gebhardt21st February 2024
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Seeing while treating: how MR linear accelerators boost cancer care 

Linear accelerators have dramatically improved radiotherapy, enabling to treat patients faster and more precisely with higher doses of radiation. The…
Mélisande Rouger21st February 2024
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France, Italy and Spain to Tackle Multidisciplinary Committees and Teleradiology

A new Mediterranean triangle is forming in Europe with the cooperation of the French, Italian and Spanish societies of radiology,…
Mélisande Rouger21st February 2024
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From Static to Custom AI

b-rayZ Secures CE Mark for Custom AI Technology, Revolutionizing End-to-End Breast Diagnostics Innovative Swiss company b-rayZ announced the receipt of…
Guido Gebhardt15th February 2024

Radiology AI: And The Bubble Burst  

Investment in artificial intelligence (AI) development has slowed down and the community must look for alliances with partners with a…
Mélisande Rouger15th February 2024

Revolutionizing Diagnostics and Drug Development

Quantum computing, a groundbreaking technology rooted in the principles of quantum mechanics, is poised to usher in a new era…
Guido Gebhardt15th February 2024

AI Must be Taught in Medical Training, Says a Leading Austrian Researcher

Prof. Dr. Ramona Woitek heads the Medical Image Analysis & Artificial Intelligence (MIAAI) research group at Danube Private University, Austria.…
Mélisande Rouger7th February 2024
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New CPT Codes in The US for AI-Based Brain Diagnostics – What’s Next for Europe?

In January 2023, Lecanemab's approval excited neurologists and radiologists, marking a historic breakthrough as the first successful Alzheimer's treatment. With…
Guido Gebhardt7th February 2024
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‘Medicine Must Not Be a Luxury Good’

We spoke with PD Dr. Daniel Pinto dos Santos, Co-Coordinator of the In Focus program at ECR 2024, to learn…
Guido Gebhardt7th February 2024
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RSNA2023: Gleamer on Customers’ Changing Needs

AI must increasingly meet budget constraints, according to co-founder and CEO of Gleamer Christian Allouche, who spoke with Mélisande Rouger…
Guido Gebhardt1st February 2024
News and Products

Steering Healthcare’s Digital Evolution: Marrying Technology with the Human Element

by Ana Rafaela Prado, Chief Medical Information Officer, Cascais Hospital, PortugalIn the swiftly changing healthcare landscape, the fusion of technology…
Mélisande Rouger26th January 2024
CongressNews Release

New Technology at the Heart of ECR 2024’s Program

Innovation will be the dominant conversation at the upcoming ECR, which will take place on February 28 - March 3…
Mélisande Rouger25th January 2024