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Raising Awareness of MRI Safety and Education

By Mélisande Rouger At ECR2024, we spoke with Samuel Oliveira, CEO and Founder of Everything MRI, a company that aims…
Mélisande Rouger11th April 2024
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Bayer and Google Cloud ally to advance radiology AI development

Bayer and Google Cloud will join forces to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to assist radiologists, potentially reducing burnout and…
Mélisande Rouger11th April 2024

ECR2024: Bracco on Innovation in Contrast Media

Innovation was one of the key themes at ECR2024 and it is also one of the major concerns for Bracco,…
Mélisande Rouger9th April 2024

ECR2024: Impact of AI on Diagnostic Accuracy and Patient Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) will provide support for human diagnosis and enable beginners to catch up with experts very quickly, Dr.…
Mélisande Rouger2nd April 2024
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Automated AI tool for MR diagnosis

Quibim recently launched QP-Liver, a tool for MR diagnosis of diffuse liver diseases through accurate quantification of tissue fat and…
Guido Gebhardt28th March 2024

ECR2024: Bracco on Education

Francesca Pelliconi, Education Lead in Global Marketing at Bracco, spoke with Guido Gebhardt about her vision of education at ECR2024…
Mélisande Rouger26th March 2024
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ECR2024: Creating The Future using MRI in Interventional Procedures

Luigi Manfrè, General Secretary of the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR), explained his vision for neuroradiology and what MRI holds…
Mélisande Rouger26th March 2024

New Approaches in Lung Cancer Evaluation and Treatment

By Miriam Mirza In recent years, significant strides have been made in evaluating lung cancer's response to immunotherapy and targeted…
Mélisande Rouger21st March 2024

ECR2024: Annalise on Crossing Frontiers and Draft Reporting 

Rick Abramson, Chief Medical Officer at AI company Annalise, came back on the plenary lecture he delivered at ECR2024 and…
Mélisande Rouger18th March 2024

AI in Action for Cancer Screening and Detection

By Miriam Mirza Artificial intelligence (AI) was the dominant conversation at ECR2024, with numerous sessions focusing on its impact on…
Mélisande Rouger14th March 2024
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ECR2024: Bayer on its new Medical Imaging Core Lab Services

Guido Mathews, Head of the Center of Excellence for Imaging Data and AI Research at Bayer, told Mélisande Rouger about…
Mélisande Rouger12th March 2024

Planet Radiology: Rockall on ECR2025 and sustainability

ECR2025 President Prof. Andrea Rockall from Imperial College London, UK explained why radiology should be a driver of change in…
Mélisande Rouger7th March 2024